"JANE" - Heather Chasen

2003, Film, Gran, THE TOY BOX, Palo Sedouzzari
2003, Television, Betty, THE ALL NEW HARRY HILL SHOW
2002, Television, HOLBY CITY, BBC Television
2002, Television, Mrs Belstram, THE BILL, Thames Television, Alfonso Reis E Sousa
2001, Stage, MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE, Royal Court Television, Katie Mitchell
2000, Film, Tosca, THE KISS OF TOSCA, Claudio Guarino
2000, Stage, GETTING ON, Sean O'Conor
1999, Stage, Freda, LAYING THE GHOST, Mill At Sonning, Kit Thacker
1999, Stage, June, SWEET BRAMLEYS, Platform At The Gielgud, Catriona Craig
1997, Stage, The Head, SCHOOLGIRLS IN UNIFORM, Battersea Arts Centre, Sean O'Connor
1996, Stage, Nanny, BLACK CHIFFON, Sean O'Connor1996, Stage, Nanny, BLACK CHIFFON, Sean O'Connor
1994, Stage, Miss Marple, A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, Bill Kenwright Ltd, John Adams
1992, Television, Sabatini's Mother, SURGICAL SPIRIT, Granada Television, David Askey
1992, Television, The Hon Amelia, THE ELIGIBLE BATCHELOR - SHERLOCK HOLMES, Granada Television, Peter Hammond
1990, Television, Margaret Thatcher, WHO BOMBED BIRMINGHAM, Granada Television
1989, Television, Mrs Kelway, HEAT OF THE DAY, Granada Television, Christopher Morahan
1989, Television, The Baroness, THE PLOT TO KILL HITLER, Warner Brothers, Lawrence Schiller

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