Marina, a forty-something Russian woman lives in a small village in South Leicestershire. A few years ago she married Gregory, a village garage owner, a collector of Morris Minor cars and an Ipswich Town supporter.

A journalist and a writer in her previous life, she now works at a local hairdressers and in her spare time writes for the village parish magazine. Gregory loves her, and Marina's daughter seems to flourish in English school, but Marina doesn’t feel happy and satisfied with her life - and can't really explain why. A chance encounter with a touring string quartet from Moscow throws her out of her daily routines, and unexpected love opens up all the questions, which Marina has been hiding deep inside…

It's a story about people who are moving from place to place in search for home, and can't find it anywhere. It's also a story about middle age - the age when one has already (or not) achieved something in life, but when there is still time to start everything anew. And it's a story about a Standing Stone on the outskirts of a small English village where, as some of the villagers believe, Aliens might land one day...


SEASON OF MISTS is the first genuine UK-Russian co-production in many years.
It was theatrically released in Russia in 2009.
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