Evgenia Tirdatova

Member of the Board of the Filmmakers’ Union of Russia, the European Film Academy and the “Nika” National Academy and is vice-president of the “Kinoglaz”.
Born and lives in Moscow.
Graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1985.
Worked at State Television and Radio, in the magazine “Soviet Screen”, was the editor-in-chief of the “Kino-Glaz” and  “Audio Video Business” magazines. Was the program director of the “St.Anne” festival.
Since 1995 she is a programmer at the Moscow International Film Festival. She is the author of numerous articles and books on cinema. Participated in the work of juries and the FIPRESCI juries at many IFF's including Cannes, Berlin and Venice, as well as being the script-writer on the documentaries “Your Leaving Object Leonid Obolensky” (Grand Prix of the IFF in Nyon, Switzerland, 1991) and “Farewell, Cannes” (2003).
Her awards include Vera Kholodnaya award, the “Golden Hat” prize of the Russian Film Producers Association, "The White Elephant" prize of the Russian Film Critics Guild and the “Young Artists Award” (USA).
As producer she released shorts “Sanzhyra” (dir.Nurbek Egen, 2001) and "Day Off" (dir. Alla Savina, 2007), and is the co-producer of  “The Kite” (dir. Alexei Muradov) which was awarded 12 prizes at international  film festivals, and “Shantytown Blues” (dir. Svetlana Stasenko). She is the executive producer of “The Wedding Chest” (Russia-Kyrgyzstan-France-Germany, dir. Nurbek Egen) submitted for the "Oscar" and awarded more than 10 international prizes, "Season of Mists" (Russia-UK, dir. A.Tchernakova, in post-production). At present she is working on the project ‘Telemetry” (Russia-Canada).


The independent company “Kinoglaz” (Moscow, Russia) was set up in 1992 by Pyotr Cherniaev and Evgenia Tirdatova.

From 1992 to 1996 the company published “Kinoglaz”, the first Russian magazine on film business in Russian and English. Since 1997 the company has been releasing festival catalogues, information, engaging in consultations, arrangement of festivals, symposia and promoting Russian films on Russian and international markets.

Since 2002 the company has taken up film production. Its first venture was a short film “Sanzhyra”, (participated in more than 40 international film festivals including Berlin and Montreal and received twelve prizes) and a feature co-production “The Kite” which took part in over 40 international film festivals including Venice, Toronto, Rotterdam, Sundance, London, Thessaloniki and others, winning eleven prizes. It was also nominated for the European Film Academy Award.

“Kinoglaz” is the co-producer of the 24-part TV serial “The Secret Sign”.

The company's second feature, “The Wedding Chest” (2006, Russia-Kyrgyzstan-France-Germany, dir. Nurbek Egen) was the Kyrgyzstan's official entry for Oscars and awarded more than 10 international prizes.

At present the company is also involved in the Russian-Canadian co-production feature “Telemetry” (dir.Anna Tchernakova).  


SANZHYRA (short)
THE KITE (feature)
SECRET SIGN (24 TV series), co-producer
THE WEDDING CHEST (feature, Russia-France-Germany-Kyrgyzstan)
DAY OFF (short)        
SEASON OF MISTS (feature, Russia-UK), in post-production        
TELEMETRY (feature, Russia-Canada), in production