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What has happened since the film?

Marina Blake moved back to Russia.
She has since appeared in two television series in Russia on CTC: in the drama series “Ranetki” she plays the lead role of music producer and in the very popular situation comedy “Fathers – daughters”, she has played the psychotherapist in two episodes.

Sergey Chonishvili injured his foot.

Dudley Sutton played in a beautiful Bristol Old Vic production of ‘Juliet and her Romeo’, as well as appearing in other plays and movies. He’s been writing a lot of poetry – check his songs on youtube!

And… Anna Tchernakova made a new film, Death in Pince-Nez or Our Chekhov, to be released in June 2010.

On Saturday April 24 Season of Mists will be screened in Limoges, France as the closing film of its ‘8èmes Rencontres de Limoges avec le cinéma russe’.
Don’t miss it!
20h30 : La saison des brouillards (Season of Mists) – Mélodrame de Anna Tchernakova/ 2008, 100 min.
Présenté par la réalisatrice Anna Tchernakova.

In May 2009 Season of Mists won a young producer award at the Cut festival.

In November 2009 the film won two prizes at the Russkoe Zarubezhye Film Festival – Gran Prix and Best Actor for Sergei Chonishvili (Sacha). Here is a picture of the director Anna Tchernakova accepting the first of these (co-producer Evgenia Tirdatova is just to her left):

In October 2008 the film won two awards at the Faithful Heart film festival in Moscow – an Award for Outstanding Achievement (effectively the second prize after the Grand Prix) with particular reference to direction, screenplay and cinematography; and the Best Actress award for Marina Blake.

In September 2008 the film won the Best Actress award for Marina Blake (as Marina) at Kinoshock, the XVI Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries, which was held at Anapa on the Black Sea.
This is Russia’s second most important festival for national films (after Kinotavr).
Here is a reference to the screening

review in VARIETY

New Int’l. Release
The Season of Mists

A Kinoglaz (Russia)/McCartney Media, Zaleski Enterprises (U.K.) production. (International sales: McCartney Media, London.) Produced by Neil McCartney, Mikhail Gagarin, Anna Tchernakova, Evgenia Tiradatova, Petr Cherniaev, Elena Badamiants, Olga Kennedy. Directed by Anna Tchernakova. Screenplay, Tchernakova, Evgenia Tiradatova.

With: Marina Blake, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Sergey Chonishvilli, Dudley Sutton, Alexandra-Maria Bryars, Heather Chasen, Eve Pearce, Janet Henfrey, Larissa Panchenko, Yuri Nifontov, Alexander Miakushko, Alexander Rezalin.

A married, middle-aged Russian woman living in rural Blighty considers throwing it all in for a hunky fellow countryman in “The Season of Mists.” Sophomore feature by Russian-born, Canada-based helmer Anna Tchernakova sustains a pleasantly low-key, Chekhovian mood throughout, appropriate for a tale of suppressed passion, but lacks punch and surprises. A few more fest dates are forecast before pic heads for a foggy future of limited release in Russia and ancillary.

Once an aspiring writer, Marina (soulful newcomer Marina Blake) has settled for a quiet life as a hairdresser in the U.K.’s Midlands, where she lives with her daughter from a previous relationship, Dasha (Alexandra-Maria Bryars), and good-hearted but dull mechanic husband Gregory (Ifan Huw Dafydd). A chance encounter with a traveling troupe of Russian classical musicians leads to an affair with violinist Sergey (Javier Bardem lookalike Sergey Chonishvilli), prompting Marina to consider what’s more important: love or stability. Script and thesping convince more in Russian than English (would-be “eccentric” Brit characters don’t help), but the pace picks up when the action moves briefly to Moscow. Tech credits are sturdy but not outstanding, although Dmitry Ermakov’s lensing enhances the mood.

Camera (color), Dmitry Ermakov; editor, Marat Magambetov; music, Gavin Bryars; art directors, Damien Creagh, Tchernakova. Reviewed on DVD, Hoveton, U.K., Aug. 28, 2008. (In Sochi Open Russian Film Festival.) Original title: Sezon tumanov. English, Russian dialogue. Running time: 101 MIN.

XVII “Киношок”

Плата за любовь
XVII “Киношок” подвел итоги
Оксана Нараленкова

Еще одну историю любви под занавес “Киношока” рассказала режиссер Анна Чернакова в картине “Сезон туманов”. Писательница Марина некогда эмигрировала в Англию, выйдя замуж за автомеханика из провинциального городка. Теперь она работает парикмахером, а ее клиентки – три весьма комичные старушки, которые для жизненного драйва посещают этот “салон красоты” чуть ли не каждый день. Тоска по родине и писательству материализуется для Марины в роман со случайным знакомым, музыкантом из Москвы, приехавшим в этот сонный городок с концертом. Однако Марина за призрачной любовью не гонится и выбирает спокойное существование с мало понимающим ее мятущуюся душу, но зато вполне здравомыслящим мужем-англичанином.
- Это типичная ситуация для русских женщин, живущих и в Англии, и во Франции, в ней оказывались многие из моих подруг, – считает режиссер Анна Чернакова. – Марина говорит с акцентом и по-английски, и по-русски. Она мечется между двух культур. Ее мучит ощущение другой жизни, которая могла бы состояться в Москве, но она уехала. В итоге Марина приходит к пониманию того, что жизнь одна, – именно та, которую она для себя и выбрала. Другой просто нет.

Приз за лучшую женскую роль на фестивале “Киношок” в Анапе, сентябрь 2008

В Анапе правит ?осенний бал?

23.09.2008 00:40
Ольга Галицкая, Анапа.
(фрагмент из статьи)

…Открытием стала и Марина Блэйк, получившая приз за лучшую женскую роль в фильме Анны Чернаковой ?Сезон туманов?. Ее героиня ? русская с английским мужем, как и сама актриса. Ее тонкое и притягательно несовременное лицо вместе со способностью глубоко погружаться в оттенки чувств заставляют вспомнить героинь классических романов, таких как Анна Каренина и Эмма Бовари.
? Мне Андрей Битов сказал, что ему очень понравилась наша картина, и я просто счастлива, ? улыбается Аня Чернакова. ? Мне было важно передать ощущение межпространственной жизни, когда ты не там и не здесь, от своей земли ушла, в чужую не вросла. Это и мой опыт, моя жизнь, которая состоялась со мной и о которой я не жалею. Потому что это дает мне возможность рассказывать истории, которые никто больше не может рассказывать.

Pick-ups in UK

Yes, we’ve done it!
We had three delightful days with a very, VERY small crew – just me, DOP Dima, producer Evgenia, AC/loader/clapper Charley and our invaluable production assistant Steve. Marina and Dudley came along to Leicestershire – it was wonderful to work with them again. The whole experience demonstrated once more that there is nothing more enjoyable than guerrilla-style filmmaking.
Our deepest thanks to one and only Joe Dunton ( who provided a camera kit for the shoot and helped to find a camera assistant, and to Fujifilm, who gave us a sizable discount on the stock.
I am positing a few stills on our Pictures page.

The UK shooting is done… or not?

Since the production set off in November 1, we’ve lived through days and nights of hard work, ups and downs, delights and despair. The UK filming was wrapped on the evening of December 3, followed on December 4th by a gentle party organised in a posh Chelsea flat by our darlings Elena Badamiants and Olga Kennedy. There were a lot of kisses and tears at the party as the good-byes were said to those crew members who live outside England – our most diligent script supervisor Elena, our make-up fairy Monika, our all-enduring producer Evgenia and our unbeatable camera crew – Dmitry, Igor and Nikolai…

After the party I packed the tapes with the footage, re-acquainted myself with my family and we went to British Columbia in the hope of having a relaxing Christmas (the family) and a quiet time to make a first assembly of the material (me).

Quiet time? Well, on the third day upon our arrival, the Vancouver Island was hit by a storm, the worst in the island’s history, which grew and grew till it became a hurricane.
We spent the night listening to the trees and branches swinging and breaking outside, wandering how strong the roof of our 19-century house was…
In the morning the wind subsided. We went outside to inspect the damage. The veggie garden fence blew away. A 90-year old cedar broke in half and fell on the ground. A pine was uprooted, and a fir was leaning above the tree house. Our two neighbours lost several very old and rare Gary oaks, which, uprooted, laid across their driveways. There was no power, no phone, no Internet. Roads were closed because of the broken and uprooted trees.

We stayed without power and modern commodities for almost a week (and used all candles we had, including the birthday cake ones!).
It was nice, though, as, unable to edit, I spent time outside working in the garden, cleaning paddocks or walking with children on the beach…

I did, however, manage to assemble the footage and send it to Russia before the New Year. How? Let it remain my secret.

At midnight on December 31, 2006, standing with Gavin on a tranquil deserted Pacific Ocean beach I raised my glass of champagne for the departing year, for family and friends and for all of us involved in The Season Of Mists.

Happy New Year – and the production continues!