The UK shooting is done… or not?

Since the production set off in November 1, we’ve lived through days and nights of hard work, ups and downs, delights and despair. The UK filming was wrapped on the evening of December 3, followed on December 4th by a gentle party organised in a posh Chelsea flat by our darlings Elena Badamiants and Olga Kennedy. There were a lot of kisses and tears at the party as the good-byes were said to those crew members who live outside England – our most diligent script supervisor Elena, our make-up fairy Monika, our all-enduring producer Evgenia and our unbeatable camera crew – Dmitry, Igor and Nikolai…

After the party I packed the tapes with the footage, re-acquainted myself with my family and we went to British Columbia in the hope of having a relaxing Christmas (the family) and a quiet time to make a first assembly of the material (me).

Quiet time? Well, on the third day upon our arrival, the Vancouver Island was hit by a storm, the worst in the island’s history, which grew and grew till it became a hurricane.
We spent the night listening to the trees and branches swinging and breaking outside, wandering how strong the roof of our 19-century house was…
In the morning the wind subsided. We went outside to inspect the damage. The veggie garden fence blew away. A 90-year old cedar broke in half and fell on the ground. A pine was uprooted, and a fir was leaning above the tree house. Our two neighbours lost several very old and rare Gary oaks, which, uprooted, laid across their driveways. There was no power, no phone, no Internet. Roads were closed because of the broken and uprooted trees.

We stayed without power and modern commodities for almost a week (and used all candles we had, including the birthday cake ones!).
It was nice, though, as, unable to edit, I spent time outside working in the garden, cleaning paddocks or walking with children on the beach…

I did, however, manage to assemble the footage and send it to Russia before the New Year. How? Let it remain my secret.

At midnight on December 31, 2006, standing with Gavin on a tranquil deserted Pacific Ocean beach I raised my glass of champagne for the departing year, for family and friends and for all of us involved in The Season Of Mists.

Happy New Year – and the production continues!

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